Guidelines & Regulations

Like any successful program, you must set forth guidelines in order to avoid misunderstandings or differences in opinions. Each registered Bird Dog must agree to a few rules and regulations set forth in order to participate in this exciting program. Your sales person may have "Pre-registered" you at the dealership. However, you are still required to review the following pages before it becomes official. If you have not been "Pre-registered" you will need to complete the short  "Registration Page" at the end of this web site.  There are only three short pages (including this one) to review prior to reaching the registration page. 

Once the registration page is complete, a Username and Password will be assigned to you. Your Username will be BD + your unique ID # (ex. BD9924). Your password will be the one you specify in the registration page. (Please make a note of this only if you intend to check your stats on the web site)

A family may use the same Username and Password to help reach the next reward level or they may register on an individual basis. (This applies only to members of an immediate family living in the same household)

After reviewing each page, just click Next at the bottom to advance. You may also choose Back to go to the previous page for a second look

It's fun, it's exciting, it's different, and it's at :

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